What is FailuresX?

FailuresX is a plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that implements much more realistic failures into the game through hand-crafted audio queues, complete control over frequency of failures and integration with the game's mechanics through FSUIPC.

Why get FailuresX?

FailuresX implements a whole new element of surprise to the vanilla Flight Simulation experience with the need for quick thinking and decision making when something goes wrong. Unlink the built-in failures the base game provides, FailuresX includes Audio queues and countless more failures.

Who made FailuresX?

FailuresX is being actively developed by one 18 year old student in his free time. Ugh, this is getting too formal - I'm a British Computer Science student who decided to develop this plugin with the aim to integrate some more thrilling situations into the vanilla Flight Simulator experience with a large focus on the UI of the plugin. I like dogs, coding, video games but I doubt that's particularly interesting. If you'd like to contact me for whatever reason, you can join the Discord server and @ me or send me a DM.

Where does my money go if I purchase FailuresX Premium?

To see exactly where money generated by the plugin goes, you can visit the funding page