What is FailuresX?

FailuresX is a plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that implements much more realistic failures into the game through hand-crafted audio queues, complete control over frequency of failures and integration with the game's mechanics through FSUIPC.

How does FailuresX work?

FailuresX uses FSUIPC7 to directly communicate with the flight simulator allowing the plugin to read and write information in the simulator. This allows the plugin to generate failures during realistic settings such as at certain altitudes or when the engines are rotating at a certain speed.

I bought FailuresX Premium but some of the failures are still disabled

Once you've purchased FailuresX Premium, navigate to the FailuresX desktop application and navigate to the Account page under Settings. Proceed to log in with your FailuresX account details. If you see "Premium: Inactive", please contact me to get this issue resolved.

I have a suggestion / I have found a bug. What do I do?

Since FailuresX is being developed by one person, bugs are fairly likely and suggestions are greatly appreciated. The best way to report a bug or make a suggestion would be through the Discord server. I will try my best to look at every single suggestion or bug report and reply to them if need be.

Which Flight simulators does FailuresX work with?

FailuresX is only being developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, however, since the desktop app uses FSUIPC7, I assume that it might work with others though that is not a promise so try it at your own discretion.

Have any other questions?

If you have any more questions, I suggest joining the Discord server and asking them in the support channel.